Fall 2023 Course Dropping After Midterm Exam.

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2.Sport of Leisure and Athletic Practices, All-out Defense Education Military Training, Teacher Education Programs, Academic Minor,
   Academic Double Major and retaken subjects will not be count in graduation requirements. (For more information about those subjects
   which will not counted in graduation requirements, please visit your department office).

3.Substitute courses for Foreign languages tests, Learning and Practice of Clubs, and Honors Programs will not be counted in total failed
   credits (over half or two-third) in the semester. [The subject will not be counted in neither denominator (total credits) nor numerator
   (failed credits)].

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7.Drop classes during the semester : students can only drop 2 courses in a semester.In addition, students should meet the minimum number
   of credits requirement after dropping classes. (Please read the regulation of drop classes during the semester.) Please make your decision
   carefully when enrolling courses.

8.Students can drop classes after one-third semester. Once dropping classes, the credit fee will not be refunded. For those who owe the
   credit fee still have to pay in this semester.

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